Our Team

Nadine Aldag

Social project development / Relocation management

Melissa Bangert

Company Communications MWSP / SPINELLI

Diana Beckenbach

Customer relations

Lisa Brandstetter

Project Development / Planning FRANKLIN

Tobias Dreher

Project Development / Management TAYLOR / FRANKLIN

Ralf Eisenhauer

Project Development / Management

Julia Fäustle

Project Development / Planning FRANKLIN

Karl-Heinz Frings

Managing Director

Gaby Hofmann

Management Assistant

Melanie Janas

Company Communications TAYLOR / TURLEY

Lamin Janko

Area Management Support

Achim Judt

Managing Director

Charlotte König

Special Projects

Marvin Kuhn

Area Management

Dr. Petja Maesch

Legal and Organization Counsel

Christoph Nolte


Natalie Papadopoulos

Local Urban Renewal Advisor

Anne Pieper

Project Development / Planning TAYLOR / SPINELLI

Uwe Raffloer

Project Development / Planning

Ines Reiter

Project Development / Planning TURLEY

Franziska Rendier


Christoph Schmeiser


Dr. Lea Schmitt

Strategy and Participation / Site Management

Jennifer Sebök

Project Development / Planning Local Urban Renewal / SPINELLI

Ingo Späth

Projektentwicklung /-steuerung

Maria Zorn

Project Development / Planning TAYLOR / TURLEY