Oasis in the neighborhood

The new MVV neighborhood oasis on the FRANKLIN site still seems like an oasis. An oasis in the middle of a large but evolving construction site. But that doesn't stop interest on January 31, when the opening day is approaching and numerous residents and visitors from the neighboring districts take a closer look at the neat wooden building. The contact and advice center, which will also form a kind of district center in the future, has set up the Mannheim energy company MVV and is supported by the urban development company MWSP, which is responsible for developing the urban district.

There is a lot to see this afternoon. While the MVV presents its world of solutions for everything related to electromobility, charging station, solar system, battery storage, house connection to the energy and water network as well as MVV's electricity products in the new advisory center, it also contains the new mobility center for FRANKLIN mobil and a shop window for MVV Smart Cities. Overall, the visitors there will now find concentrated consulting power.

FRANKLIN will be innovative and sustainable - one of the top goals. The individual mobility advice on site by the FRANKLIN mobil team is an important component. The employees show the interesting mobility alternatives to owning a car, with which the new residents can organize their everyday mobility reliably and intelligently, even without their own car. "I think it's good to have something like this nearby," says FRANKLIN resident Karolina Spasiuk. She came with her daughter to take a closer look at the new offer. "For us, an electric car is an alternative," she says. For example, if your own car breaks down. And so Karolina Spasiuk immediately accepted the FRANKLIN mobil advisory service and found out about electromobility.

One who tries them out on site is the Catholic pastoral advisor Richard Link. It belongs to the Evangelical and Catholic Church on Franklin, which is currently still waiting for the opening of its church building - by the way, very close to the MVV neighborhood oasis. "I liked it. Fancy. Elegant, ”says Richard Link with a smile as he gets out of an electric car that he has just tested. He also praises the oasis as very good. “It represents similar values ​​that the Church also pursues: being careful with creation,” he says. And so he hopes that the neighborhood oasis will attract many people and encourage them to think about alternatives. But Richard Link also goes into the meeting point aspect of the MVV neighborhood oasis. Because there is still something like that missing on the site, the pastoral officer.

The neighborhood oasis was officially opened on the morning of January 31. Among the guests is Mannheim's First Mayor Christian Specht. He praised the exemplary nature of the conversion project. “As the model city of Mannheim, we want to generate as much renewable energy as possible locally and generate as few emissions as possible. At the same time, it is about creating a new quality in public space. This is now being implemented on a small scale at FRANKLIN. Here the topics of energy and mobility merge into climate and energy-optimized living as well as innovative forms of mobility, ”he says.

MWSP managing director Achim Judt, on the other hand, goes into more detail about FRANKLIN mobil. “With the Blue Village FRANKLIN mobility concept, we focus on people. We are therefore delighted that two years after the founding of FRANKLIN mobil, innovative, low-emission mobility offers and attractive services have been added to the public transport mobility center and that residents can seek advice. In addition, it is particularly valuable for the district that the citizens get a new meeting point with the neighborhood oasis. ”MVV board member Ralf Klöpfer is also pleased about the opening:“ In December last year we had our new MVV E.forum on Luisenring opened. Now we come to FRANKLIN. We have now created a place in the new city quarter for personal customer advice and exhibition areas related to intelligent energy and electromobility solutions as well as smart cities. "

Incidentally, the MVV neighborhood oasis itself is designed as a piece of sustainability. The turnkey module house consists of ecological and regional components and is supplied by photovoltaic modules on the roof and energy storage. Outside there is the possibility to charge electric cars at the solar carport. And in order to promote the idea of ​​the neighborhood, events are regularly offered in the year-round contact point.

The neighborhood oasis at Georg-Washington-Straße 184 is now open Monday to Friday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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